Marilyn offers the following free patterns and resources to quilters:

Click the link to download. To open, you will need Adobe Reader, which you can download free here.

9 Degree Circle Wedge Ruler Ideas

Drop Shift Spiral

Mariners Compass

Tree Skirt

Tree Skirt Halo

Spiral Dance

Angel Face

Additional note from Marilyn concerning the Spiral Dance:

Dear Quilter – This FREE Spiral Dance pattern  is a quick technique with no seams to match at all, so have fun! The pattern was designed to feature a specific fabric line…hence the details of color and cut sizes for each fabric!

NONE OF THIS IS ESSENTIAL INFORMATION…..All of the fabrics selected can be any number of fabric  YOU  desire!

You can use Any cut sizes you want!!!!

The ones indicated were for a specific fabric line and they wanted me to include as many of their fabrics as possible. In my opinion, there are too many different fabrics included.

Just cut and sewthe number and width of strips you desire! As many different fabrics as you want, using different widths. The minimum would be 3 fabrics a wide a medium wide and a thin inbetween…… a good number to use would be less than the specific pattern indicates.

I suggest using 7 – 11 fabrics in assorted widths.

The most important thing is that the total height of the combined strips is about 20 – 22  inches tall by 45 inches wide (long)!

NOTE: The exact number of fabrics used for the demo quilt are not the best combination, too many small ones…I had to use all of their fabrics for the quilt –in order to feature them…

Remember that the top strip and the bottom strip in your strata unit, will be the show off fabrics – as will the fabric that ends up in the middle of the strata height!