This is a very elegant and delicate Spiral image Design. The Joy is – IT IS VERY EASY (and quick) TO MAKE!!! There are No seams to match! It is a one day project – start to finish! Not only that, it can be made in a number of sizes and used as a Christmas Tree Skirt, a Table runner, or the back of a wonderful wearable garment. I use them for flowers! Tree Skirts – clothing – wall hangings and table runners to placemats too!

You can feature any number of FABRICS – Select fabrics you love – about 9 – 15 total. Larger number = larger project! BE SURE TO HAVE CONTRAST!! Contrast by color, value, print scale, always include at least 1 (SMALL TIGHT) stripe and 2 shocking Zingers, i.e. weird ones! TRUST ME!
Class Length: 8 hours

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