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A Personal Invitation from Marilyn

Hello Dear Quilter, We have selected the dates for 2018…and YOU are invited to join Marilyn to co-create an amazing week long OVER THE TOP -  Quilt Retreat in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina. Classes are limited to 6-8 students per week.   We...

Thanks From a Student

Thanks From a Student

Comments from a happy student: Dear Marilyn, as I was going through my photos, I found pictures of the bargello quilt class during Quiltexpo 1994 in Karlsruhe. This Expo opened a whole new world for me! I enjoyed all classes I attended and was impressed by the energy...

Using the 9 Degree Wedge Ruler

How does a quilter use (1) 9 Degree Circle Wedge Ruler to make different sized fans…..different than the actual size of the ruler they own? This is a great question and a fabulous desire! The answer is “very easily! First let me clarify about the 9 Degree Circle Wedge...


They say that inspiration is like inhaling the memory of something you have never done. That saying feels so magical to me…I remember times of blissful inspiration where I forgot to make dinner, pick children up after ballet or swimming lessons..Forgot to eat or sleep...

9 Degrees of Inspiration

9 Degrees of Inspiration

If you've ever wondered what a class with me is like, Terry Turnage at the Tsquared Life Blog does an absolute fan-tastic (pun intended : )  ) break-down on her blog. Filled with pictures, descriptions and enthusiasm, she shows you the tons of strata possibilities and...

Another New Quilter’s Creation

Another New Quilter’s Creation

Mary Nielsen was kind enough to send me this photograph from her "Fan of the Month" club. New student Laura Lezier created this gorgeous quilt using fans - even the frogs are fans! Quite a feat for a new quilter! I love frogs and though I've been able to use the 9...

Long Arm Machine Co-Op?

Dawn Mason of Angelic Quilters in Birmingham, UK posed an interesting question on the Linkedin Quilting Enthusiasts forum. She asked, If you had the chance would you like to quilt your own quilts on a long arm machine by "renting" it off someone OR let someone else do...

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