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I'm new to the 9 degree wedge ruler and want to buy one. Which size do you recommend?

The trio set of miniature wedge rulers is very fun. They are easy to use due to the smaller sizes! It is still possible to make larger quilts with the smaller rulers by creating several circles, in different sizes or half circles or just assorted fans and collage them onto a larger quilt with the background the size desired. I often make the fans into flowers and butterflies and bumble bees and dragonfly’s, for a garden setting. The larger 25″ ruler makes fabulous tree skirts and table toppers.

Could you tell me the advantage of getting the 37" extension. I currently have the 25" Wedge and have made two beautiful table runners. Can smaller table runners be made with the 25" ruler or would it be better to purchase the smaller ones (9", 14", etc.)?

The advantage to adding the 37” tool to your quilting supplies would be 2 fold.  In one case it is used with the 25” ruler to make 37” fans and 74” circles for SPECTACULAR tree skirts, table toppers and King Bed drama!!!!

Additionally, the 37” extension wedge can be used “by itself”…creating an outer rim or arch or full circle that is grand.  You can use any of the wedge techniques/patterns leaving an opening in the center, because you did not include the 25” ruler.   An empty 25” arch or a 50” circle would show through whatever you decided to put into that opening.  Laying the circle arch or just arch over any fabric featured, photograph transferred to cloth or “other” quilt design….perhaps applique’ .

What is a "strata"?

Strata is the term I use to define the panels that are formed by sewing strips of fabric together. You combine several “strata”s to create a whole quilt.

I bought one of your rulers and will love ideas from you to use it! I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Thank you, Marinda du Preez

Wonderful!!!  I am assuming you purchased one or more of my 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers,  (I also have a 45 degree Kaleidoscope Wedge).   The 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers come in 5 sizes…..9″, 14″, 18″, 25″ and 37″.  Each is simply a taller and taller version of the miniature 9″ – 9 Degree.  Each ruler will make every style of wedge There are over 20 styles….techniques.

When I invented the ruler and its diverse uses, I was focused on the creation of full circles.

The information on the instruction board, which comes with the purchase of each ruler,  shows different wedge styles.  It provides the necessary information for fabric use, fabric, placement, height of strata units, number of strata units needed to make a full circle(s).


To get familiar with each wedge style by making “fans” not full circles of each technique. This productivity will provide fans to make a collage with; a dance of fans!


I make single wing butterfly’s, double wing butterfly’s, flowers, dragon flies, bumble bees and snails!!!!!   Every wedge style can be any or all of these garden elements.

When I teach this as a class or series of classes – I call the class, INSTANT GARDEN, JUST ADD FABRIC!   Don’t decide in advance what you will do with the fans .  You will have 18 – 25 fans.  Just make them and I guarantee they will begin to talk to you – telling you what they are and which ones “go” together!!!!!  

I've fallen in love with the seahorse quilt by Marilyn. Although I've seen pictures of the finished product I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the pattern and which ruler(s) I need. Please help!

Hello Lisa,

Yes the Sea horse if magnificent!!!

It is made by creating Fans that pivot into a seahorse curve… drunkards path, blocks pivot. Once we create the curves…we carved away the face/head shape and then made a tail reduction (shape), by removing part of the full fan in the tail area.  

ANY wedge styles can be used to make the fans…The Sea Horse you are most likely viewing, was done with Spiral Styled wedges. There are over 20 very diverse wedge styles which come with the purchase of the tool (My 9 degree circle wedge rulers). 

Additionally, There are different spiral wedge styles as well….the one used is called Drop Shift Spiral. This technique is offered FREE on my web    

Another spiral technique offered for FREE is called Spiral Waltz.   

The Sea Horse (you mot likely viewed) was made using the 25″  9 Degree Circle wedge Ruler…that Seahorse was 90″ tall…HUGE!!!  Any sized ruler can be used….the free drop shift pattern details change slightly with each different ruler size.

Why are your rulers so expensive?

When you buy one of my rulers, you get more than just a ruler. In fact, I often say that the price of the ruler is FREE!!!!

Unlike my competitors, all my rulers come with instructions which tell you step-by step how to create anywhere from 20-60 patterns with that specific ruler.  Depending upon the ruler purchased,  this averages out to between $.45 – $1.00 per pattern/wedge design. For example, if you bought 60 patterns for $.55 each, you would pay $32.95. When you buy my 9 degree Trio Ruler set for the same price, you get 60 patterns AND three wedge rulers!

Also, the ruler is made from petroleum products so the cost for me to have them manufactured is significant as well. That’s why I add value for you, the quilter, by including the pattern instructions with each ruler.

I ordered your 14" Miniature Circle Wedge Ruler, but when I received it, I noticed the markings start at 3", not 1" and the whole ruler only measures 11 1/2", not 14" as the name implies. What's up with that?!

PLEASE NOTE: This explanation applies to all my ruler sizes, not just the 14″ miniature circle wedge ruler.  

The 14″ measurement does not describe the actual height of the ruler. It describes the size of the fan it creates in more than 20 diverse wedge designs. Yes, the plastic ruler itself – when measured by a “normally marked” ruler, indicates that the plastic portion of the 14” – 9 degree Circle Wedge Ruler is indeed only 11 ½” of plastic in height.

However, this ruler makes 14″ fans if 10 wedges are joined and 28” circles when 40 wedges are joined.  By itself,  the ruler is actually a wedge that starts at the 3” mark at its small end – with an extra ¼” of plastic for the seam allowance.  When a fan is made there will be a 3” opening or arch at the small end of the 10 wedges. When a full circle using 40 wedges are joined, there will be an empty hole the size of a 6” circle.

When designing with this tool it necessary to join 40 wedges into a circle. It is not possible to bring 40 wedges to a center location using ¼” seams.

 Note:  Quilters have trouble with 8 point centers, imagine 40 seams and 80 (¼”) seams allowances trying to come to a perfect single point!

Can I use the free Drop Shift Spiral technique with the 25" ruler instead of the 18" ruler?


Yes.  To use the 25″ ruler instead of the 18″ rulers, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Strata will be 37”-38” tall.
  2. Make 5 identical strata units.
  3. Drop the ruler 2” each successive wedge cut.
  4. Take 8 wedges top = 1st cut to bottom = 8th cut.
  5. Your spiral will have 5 fan units.

NOTE: you will still get 2 spirals.  They will each be 50” circles. Both will have 5 fan wedges.

5 strata X 8 wedges from each = 40 total wedges, a full circle.

You can have the spiral action swirl to the left or the right – depending upon how you lay the wedges out once they are cut.

I will attach a figure 8 image called an Infinity Set which was made with the 2 circles and also a 90” tall sea horse made by pivoting the individual spirals fans …

Photos are for inspiring fun!

How can I make the Dropped Spiral to look like a peppermint candy for Christmas? The Dropped Shift Spiral instructions are for a 18" ruler, but I have a 25" ruler.

Technique wise, the design will actually yield two patties.

If using the 25” ruler instead of the 18″ ruler, you will need 5 identical strata and have 5 peppermint swirls in the final circle.  The number of strata you will make will actually yield 2 full circles. They will be slightly different.  Your strata (strips sewn together) will need to be made of assorted fabrics, and feature different width strips for interest – all 45” long and the entire strata needs to attain a height of about 36”- 38” tall.

You will be using a 2” drop per wedge cut and you will take 8 wedges from top to bottom.

NOTE: nine will be possible before you run off the end of the strata but you want 8…because 5 strata X 8 wedges each = 40, a full circle.

Are your products available at wholesale prices?

Yes. Retail quilt stores can purchase wholesale directly from us at a 50% discount off the retail price.  In order to purchase wholesale, we require a reseller license or a sales tax license number to be kept on file.  We also require an order of at least 3 of an item to get the wholesale discount.  Shipping costs are paid for by the purchaser and we require payment in full prior to shipment.  We accept all major credit cards and checks.  If you’d like to apply to become a wholesaler, follow the instructions on our Wholesale Page.