Powerful geometric angles and elaborate, complex looking patterns come to life with Marilyn’s new techniques featured in her series called, ABSTRACT IMAGES – anyway you slice them!
4 individual classes
NOTE: Session #1 required for participation in sessions #2, #3, #4.
In session #1, Marilyn presents an assortment of (4) basic shapes and (2) diverse techniques. The both the techniques applied as desired to the (4) distinctly different shapes, resulting in major design alterations, either symmetrical or asymmetrical and from clever and soothing to outrageous and grand. In sessions #2, #3, and #4 Marilyn features the introduction of 3 additional and distinctly different advanced techniques. Each advancement is drastically alters the look of the quilt image in unbelievably exquisite ways.

Session #1 Freedom and Fun

In this class, each student uses 4 distinctly different shapes and applies either of 2 different techniques –while making four individual projects, and mastering the basics. Numerous “sets” are also explored. Each student uses the same techniques yet their work remains very unique – due to fabric choices and the “set” incorporated. All sewing is simple and easy. No templates and no seams to match!!! Just rotary equipment and the willingness to “go for it”.

Session #2 Thunder and Lightening

This class builds on the basic shapes and techniques featured in session #1 by cleverly incorporating (3) or more accent fabrics into the design – This clever addition theatrically electrifies and “amps up” the visual drama! All sewing is simple and easy, no templates or seams to match. Numerous variations are presented. Each student selects the variation that they prefer to best show off the fabrics they are using. Every students work is a signature masterpiece. You will not believe the transformation this variation causes. Marilyn is known for inventing new and innovative quilt patterns and then applying additional techniques – further transforming them into advanced designs.

Session #3 Ancient Echoes

This class uses any one of the basic shapes featured in session #1. Then students will add 6-10 fabrics in a manner that causes a mesmerizing, radiating, effect. It is magical to see each students Echo come to life…..emerging from simple familiar sewing and dynamically clever counter-cutting techniques. No seams to match and loaded with freedom to play around within the echo!

Session #4 Amazing Labyrinth

The class uses information covered in sessions #1 and #2 combined then adding another new element; an entirely different construction method. This method vastly alters the speed of creation and results in an entirely different network of the integrated images. Fabric choices play a major role and the actual uses of the fabrics within the technique are almost infinite.
Class Length:
Each session is 8 hours
Weeklong Retreat – all sessions covered