This class project is amazing! The 4 full circle images created – appear to be a variety of things – from angels to flowers….specifically, a delightful array of Orchids and Pansies and Johnny Jump-Up images. Each image will remind you of an angel and or a flower, depending upon your fabric selection and viewing angle.
You will use the 9″ miniature 9° Circle Wedge Ruler to create the circular images. Each angel/flower is an 18″ circle filled with flowing spiral motion. Each of the 4 angel/flowers coordinates with the other 3 in the garden, yet no two are alike!
Marilyn has developed a simple, foolproof way of creating these lovely angelic, floral images for your very own Perennial Garden. The flowers are easy to create. They have no seams to match and each of them comes to life at the same time, from one sewing effort. The added bonus is that these angel/flowers require no watering, weeding, or re-seeding. They will not disappear in the winter; in fact, they will keep you warm with angelic love.

Class Length: 8 hours

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