Bargello Tapestry is originally a needlepoint term. Translated into the world of quilting, it produces breathtaking waves of rhythm and motion within a soothing fabric field. This is a spectacular class for every quilt maker. It offers the most dynamic and creative opportunity any quilt maker can expect to encounter.
Each student will create a magnificent and stunning quilt involving a diverse array of fabrics. Bring your cameras. Marilyn shows over 30 quilts and every student’s work is a One Of A Kind masterpiece!
There are six different yet basic Bargello strata compositions that can be created and each one produces stunning effects. By combining them, unlimited effects can be developed. Students will view, select and tailor their own unique Bargello Tapestry quilt under Marilyn’s expert guidance.
Marilyn is the inventor of this technique for the quilting world; she is also the author of Bargello Tapestry Quilts – often referred to as The Bible on Bargello! All cutting is with rotary equipment and the sewing involves simple strata seam work. Beginner to advanced levels.
Class Length Options:
8 hours
Week Long Retreat