This is a variation on a traditional favorite called Grand Mother’s Dream…but you will not recognize it! Imagine a single “on point” large diamond image. Now imagine an entire field of rectangles, nestled together creating this “diamond” image. (Hard to imagine I know). Nevertheless, keep going, now imagine the diamond filled with rectangles using your favorite fabric choices moving from one fabric to another, in a soft Bargello like flow.
A very compelling design Marilyn invented while playing around, saying to herself, “I wonder what would happen if I did ___________”. When you learn her techniques, you will be glad she “played around”! When creating this pattern, students will automatically generate 2 diamond shapes. They can stand alone as 2 individual quilts or be combined in a clever way for an even more mosaic impression. Every diamond you create yields a second diamond with the exact opposite color display of the first.
It is magical to create these unique and stunning images with such simple techniques. All of the math is figured for you and easy rotary cutting and sewing skills are used. This technique can produce diamonds any size desired from miniature to king. A quilt can have 1 or more images included….numerous variations abound and any number of fabrics can be included…pure addictive delight!

Class Length: 8 hours