Two For One - Dream ShadowsIn this class, students will simultaneously create two very traditional, yet stunningly different quilts from one unique and clever sewing effort! Simple strip sewing techniques are used and any size quilts-from miniature to king-sized can be created.

Students will combine between 8 and 36 different fabrics to create depth, illusion and intrigue. This class offers an outstanding exploration of a) close-contrast fabric relationships and b) reverse color-play dynamics. Marilyn originated this ingenious approach to create two traditional quilt patterns from the same fabric/strata composition. Each quilt is the equal but opposite color flow of the other and they harmonize beautifully together.

The class project will create two quilt images; one is a square traditionally called Grandmother’s Dream and a rectangular traditionally called Boston Commons. They will each have the same fabrics in them – but in the reverse display, what Marilyn calls – equal/opposites. Extensive class samples will be shown to inspire and delight everyone! Bring your cameras!

Class Length: 8 hours