Chevron and split tip Dragon Fly compressedIf you love Dragon Fly’s, marvel at busy bees, think snails are cute, and have ever caught a caterpillar – just to watch it wiggle; this class is for you! It will make you smile and warm your heart to make such adorable, loveable and “cute” garden elements…they can each stand alone on a garment, be featured in a stunning unique wall quilt or enliven a happy, clever baby quit. They can certainly join any garden of flowers!

Marilyn got creatively carried away developing new and wonderful quilts featuring her 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers for some European Quilt articles in 2007 and could not stop at flower’s and butterfly’s….While designing and making numerous “new”, Fan-tastic Gardens Of Delight – Her natural creativity expanded into designing an amazing array of clever Garden Critters – all made with her 9 Degree Circle Wedge rulers. If you already know how to make flowers and butterfly’s using these tools, this is for you! If you are unfamiliar with her rulers – come join the fun and get excited…making critters – you can always make the flowers and butterfly’s later! Get ready to have a permanent smile on your face as you make Hungry caterpillars, mating snails (oh my), busy bees and curious, darting Dragon Flies.


Chevron Lutus style Dragonfly compressedNorway article #5 Spiral Waltz and Spiral Buds Finale #6 075 - fans into butterflies compressedflip flop compressed


one of the Twins butter fly compressed




top portion detail of Visions Of Versallies QUilt