Germany Spectacular Fan Sampler class croppedThis wonderful class will provide all the knowledge to create fantastic spiral effects in fans and circles. This pattern may look complex, but the skill level is to cut and sew a straight line. Anyone can do it! No graphing is required—effortless “strata” sewing techniques are featured for quick and accurate results.
Guided by Marilyn’s enthusiasm and expertise, and using any size of the 9° Circle Wedge Rulers, everyone will have time to begin one full circle and have a good start on a second by the end of the class.
Ruler size has a dramatic effect on the full circle “motion” and selecting a repeat or reverse =repeat layout also greatly influences the “motion” for each spiral. Final designs may feature independent circles, interlocking spirals, infinity loops or numerous, elegant fans.

Class Length Options:
8 hours
Week Long Retreat



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