Charting One Of A Kind Spirals

Two Sessions

Session 1

This class is “all design”, no sewing! Relaxing, dynamic fun, after a hard day of attending the quilt show, merchant mall and another teacher’s class – or dealing with life.
During our evening together, each student will learn to quickly and easily chart several “One Of A Kind” Spiro-Graphic Spirals. This means in a full circle with undulating fabrics moving in their own independent design. Different fabrics “dancing” or “moving” in different patterns, with in a circle is a spectacular drama. Pinks can do one thing while yellows and blacks and green and blues move in an entirely different motion and direction……Every design charted, with colored pencils can easily be made into a fabric quilt, “at home” , in (1) day…..following the class information.
All that is need “at home” will be to cut and sew strips according to the charted design you love the most…..All sewing and cutting is simple, everyone can do this! YOU WILL APPEAR VERY TALENTED, to anyone viewing your creation!
In class, everything is provided; specialty graph paper – designed by Marilyn Doheny herself: the inventor of the 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers. And colored pencils. Lots of inspiration for fabric motion is presented to stimulate you. Most students cannot sleep “that night”, following a class session – too much brain stimulation of the “possibilities”!
Marilyn demystifies everything, and a very clear understanding of how to take any charted design into fabric and create a mesmerizing “Spiro-graphic” quilt will give you confidence to proceed…….this class will open doors in your mind and add talent to your quilting world, you may even win your first award, A First Place Ribbon For You!!!

Session 2

This is a hands on, sewing class from start to finish, actually making your favorite spiral from those previously charted…. Each student starts with their own favorite charted Spiro-graphic design and a pile of cloth. We audition and select fabrics for each of the different spiral paths and patterns in the design and begin cutting, sewing strips. The sewing is silly simple, and the creation of 9-Degree wedges goes quickly.
A surprise – you actually get two (2) complete spiral circles when using the graph chart and Marilyn’s instructions! The 2 circular Spiro graphic images are not visually alike at all! Some students prefer the one they did not chart over the one they did – what fun! The 2 circles can interlock for an even more amazing “infinity” (figure 8) set.
Class length:
Session 1: 4 hours for charting
Session 2: 8 hours for all fabric selecting, cutting and sewing Tango!