Thanks From a Student

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Comments from a happy student:

Dear Marilyn, as I was going through my photos, I found pictures of the bargello quilt class during Quiltexpo 1994 in Karlsruhe. This Expo opened a whole new world for me! I enjoyed all classes I attended and was impressed by the energy you sent out to us! These experiences had a big impact in my life. I taught patchwork and quilting classes for 20 years, in 2005 I opened the first professional longarm quilting service in Austria. Now that I am retired I still make quilts. I want to thank you for the joy you brought into my life by teaching us a wonderful technique! I attached the photo of the finished quilt I started in the class in 1994.


Edda Katz

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Using the 9 Degree Wedge Ruler

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How does a quilter use (1) 9 Degree Circle Wedge Ruler to make different sized fans…..different than the actual size of the ruler they own?

This is a great question and a fabulous desire! The answer is “very easily! First let me clarify about the 9 Degree Circle Wedge Rulers.

The 9 degree circle wedge rulers come in 5 sizes…they are all 9 degree rulers. They are simply shorter and or taller versions of the same angle. The individual sizes are 9″ miniature, 14″ miniature, 18″ miniature, 25″ Original, and The 37″ Extension Wedge (which used with the 25″ original ruler).

The size of the ruler is the size of the fan that it will make. Circles will be twice the fan size. For instance the 18″ ruler makes an 18” fan (in 20 different patterns) and also a 36″ circle.

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They say that inspiration is like inhaling the memory of something you have never done. That saying feels so magical to me…I remember times of blissful inspiration where I forgot to make dinner, pick children up after ballet or swimming lessons..Forgot to eat or sleep while riding on waves of creativity exploration. I believe inspiration comes from seeing differently…simply letting the air and light into my world or my thinking — it makes a difference!

What stimulated this reflection and appreciation was cutting down my five Camellia bushes some time back which formed a hedge at one end of the huge front porch of my B&B Quilting Retreat Center. Don’t worry they were simply “significantly” cut back, not eliminated! However, I apply everything I experience in life as some aspect of my quilting. Removing the wall of Camellia branches from one end of the porch became a metaphor for removing a project from “the project wall,” in my sewing area and putting it away. I love my Camellias and I love this particular quilt – but a standstill had evolved for both. The bushes,  trees actually, had become ‘not-as-beautiful’ from inside on the porch where I spend my time, and the quilt had begun to dominate the sewing room every time I entered (or even thought of entering) to try and move on with a different project. Both the camellias and this particular, “in progress” quilt top needed to take up less space – give me space and a new view!

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9 Degrees of Inspiration

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If you’ve ever wondered what a class with me is like, Terry Turnage at the Tsquared Life Blog does an absolute fan-tastic (pun intended : )  ) break-down on her blog. Filled with pictures, descriptions and enthusiasm, she shows you the tons of strata possibilities and color combinations we created during our time together.  This class was one of three in a series sponsored by the Mississippi Quilter’s Association this month.  I really enjoyed working with these quilters and seeing their imaginations come to life!

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Another New Quilter’s Creation

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Mary Nielsen was kind enough to send me this photograph from her “Fan of the Month” club. New student Laura Lezier created this gorgeous quilt using fans – even the frogs are fans! Quite a feat for a new quilter! I love frogs and though I’ve been able to use the 9 degree ruler to make ladybugs and all sorts of other creatures, frogs still elude me. “Fan”tastic work Laura and Mary! Thank you for sharing. You can check out Mary’s blog at

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Long Arm Machine Co-Op?

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Dawn Mason of Angelic Quilters in Birmingham, UK posed an interesting question on the Linkedin Quilting Enthusiasts forum. She asked,

If you had the chance would you like to quilt your own quilts on a long arm machine by “renting” it off someone OR let someone else do it for you?

I think it sounds logical and affordable to have several people own the same machine and then they each have the right to use it on specific days of every week…year round – with the person housing the machine getting something extra for her floor space and electricity! However actually renting an expensive machine such as this – does not work out.

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